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UpLink 1.6: A Brand New Look!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We think a lot about the experience of using UpLink. We want to make the application easy to use for beginners and experts alike, and it is also important to keep the app simple for people uploading documents who aren't using UpLink everyday.

Our latest release of UpLink has a brand new look and a completely new dashboard to make it easy to see what's happening at a glance.

Brand new dashboard:

Cards at the top indicate relevant information about what's ready for you to review. On the bottom left you will see a list of your active projects with a progress bar indicating the active project count and what percentage of requests are open, in review, or complete. There's a recent activity feed on the lower left hand side of the dashboard where you can see who has created, viewed, uploaded, reviewed, or returned requests.

Sidebar Navigation:

We added a sidebar navigation to make it easier to move around the app. We also moved the "Create" button to the side navigation to make it easier to find, especially for people using big monitors.

New Table Design:

We gave the table design an overhaul as well. The new tables show more relevant information in a way that is easy to see the most relevant and important information at a glance.

We hope you love the new design as much as we do. We are always looking for feedback on what you like to see UpLink do next. Drop us a note at


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