Our Story

The UpLink founding team has a vision to make work more enjoyable for millions of people by bringing great enterprise software to everyone.


After building software for large companies for many years, they each saw the transformational impact great software can have on the day-to-day operations of a business.  They came together to create UpLink as the first step toward that vision.  Here’s the story:


Alex Maher and Alex Grant each worked at PwC for over a decade. After starting out as CPAs in the IT Audit practice, they both transitioned to software development. They met on the team building Halo, PwC’s big data analytics platform and bonded over their shared passion for developing high quality software that solves real world problems and a good Old Fashioned.


In their early days of IT auditing, they both experienced the daily tedium of manually reconciling the list of client requests with the dozens of email attachments that arrived every few hours at the outset of a new project. It’s a cumbersome but important process because delays in documents provided by the client can have a major impact delivering the project on time. Today, big accounting firms and large lenders have specialized software to collect documents from their clients, but that software isn’t available to smaller firms—until now.


Alex and Alex teamed up with one of the best developers they had ever worked with, Nick Yarmesch, to build UpLink, allowing businesses of all sizes to have access to software that was custom built for managing the client document request process—created by people who know and have experienced the problem firsthand.