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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why use UpLink™ instead of email?

UpLink is more secure than email, and easier to manage at scale. UpLink provides multiple layers of encryption to keep your client data safe and secure. You also get visibility to all your requests across clients and projects in one simple application.

What is a ‘request’?

A request is simply an item you are requesting from someone else. It could be a document, a photo, a spreadsheet, almost anything. The request is assigned to a person using their email address. The assignee gets a secure link to upload files to fulfill each request without the need to register or sign up for anything.

Management & Tracking

How do I track the status of my requests?

The dashboard allows you to easily see the status of all your requests. You can see which requests are overdue or are ready for your review. 

How do I organize and manage my requests?

You can create 'engagements' to manage the requests you have for each client. Once you’ve created the engagement, you can add requests and assign them to your client.

I have lots of requests to make, can I create them in bulk?

You can create or update many requests at once by uploading them in Excel. Simply drag and drop the file, see the preview of the updates, and click import.

Can I clone projects or create templates?

Yes, project templates can be used to easily duplicate the requests in a project for commonly used project types.


Can I customize the terminology to fit by business?

Yes! You can rename terms like ‘engagement’ to better match your business.

Can I use my own domain and logo?

Yes! Our Enterprise Plan allows you to host UpLink under your domain name and to use your own logo and brand colors.

How many requests can I have?

There is no limit to the number of projects and requests you can create. 


How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page for all the details.  The enterprise plan allows you to choose between per user and per engagement pricing.

Do I pay anything if my client doesn’t upload anything?

No. We only calculate usage for requests that are actually submitted by your clients.

Am I charged extra for using a lot of data?


Data Storage & Security

How long is my project and the associated data available?

By default, projects are automatically archived after six months from the date they are created. 

How quickly are my projects restored from archive?

Projects are restored immediately, along with the list of requests. Files will be available to download again within 24 hours of restoring the project from archive.

Can I permanently delete projects, requests and files?

Yes, you may permanently delete projects, requests, and files. Once permanently deleted, they will be unavailable to be restored for any reason.

How secure is it?

UpLink is extremely secure. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Access to data is restricted at multiple layers (application, API, database) to adhere to the highest security practices.  Check out our Security Page for more details.

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