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UpLink v1.7: Delegate Requests

If there's one thing you can expect on a large project, it's for plans to change. You may not know everything you need to know at the outset of a project, and that includes who you need to get documents from. That's what we're solving with the latest release of UpLink, v1.7. Now, as a requestor, you can reassign a request, and your clients can delegate or claim a request. Let's dive into how it works in detail.

Reassign a request (as a requestor):

On larger projects, you may begin with having a single or just a few points of contact within your client's organization. As the project continues, you learn more about the organization, and may need to reassign some requests. To do that, simply click on the edit pencil on the request, and update the assignee email address.

Delegating a request (as an assignee):

If you receive a request from someone using UpLink and you're not the right person (or you want to have someone else do it 😉) you can delegate the request to someone else. Simply click on the "Delegate" text, and enter the email address of the person you're delegating the request to. An email will be sent to them automatically, informing them of the request.

Claiming a request (as a project member):

By default, every assignee within a project can see all the requests that are outstanding. In this case, you may want to "claim" a request that is assigned to someone else. To do that, simply click on the "Assign to me" text right next to the assignee email address, and the request will automatically be assigned to you.


We're constantly making UpLink better, and the features we add and improve are prioritized directly by customer feedback, so if there's something you'd like to see UpLink do, shoot us a note at, and we'll make it happen!


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