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UpLink Product Updates!

The team at UpLink has been hard at work! Here are some of our newest features!

Automatic Document Summaries

Now you'll see a new section in the document preview showing a summary of the document.  The summary follows the format of explaining what the document is followed by highlighting key points.  In time, we'll be fine-tuning these to be more document specific so we can automatically pull out the most relevant information for you. Note, this will only work for documents your clients upload going forward, not for documents uploaded before yesterday.

Annotation Update

Now, when you accept an AI answer (or override it), the PDF annotations will have your name, rather than "UpLink AI".

Client Names in the App

Last month we added the ability to better manage clients on your engagements. If you've set first and last name, we now show that throughout the app instead of the email.

Speed Up!

We made some tweaks and engagements should be loading much faster now, especially engagements with a lot of requests!

Full screen preview

In the top left section of the document preview, you can now toggle to full screen.

File details list

Now the files section is better organized and has details including when the file was uploaded and how big it is. Hopefully that makes things easier to find and review.

As always, we want your feedback on the next features you'd like to see.

Shoot us a note at: 


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