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UpLink - Excel Integration

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Excel has always been a big part of UpLink. It's such an easy and familiar way to manage large amounts of data. In our latest release, we've added a number of features to make it even easier to upload multiple projects and requests into UpLink.

Support for Multiple Projects

You can easily create multiple projects using a single Excel file. Simply specify the project name on a row and all the requests under that project will be created within that project.

Support for Default Assignees

Now, you can specify a client email address at the project level and all requests will be assigned to that person unless you specify otherwise at the request level.

Backwards compatibility

As always, the new features are backwards compatible with existing templates. So if you have templates you've saved, they'll still work.

Improved error detection and validations

We've added conditional formatting to detect where records are incomplete to ensure there are no surprises when you upload your template. Validations include email address, titles, due dates, and record type. Cells will turn red if there's an issue with text indicating how you can resolve the issue.

Update preview

When you upload a template, you'll see a preview of the requests and projects that will be created. If something is wrong with your file, you'll see it right away.


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