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UpLink 1.5: Rich Text Descriptions

One piece of feedback our users have given is that the description field would be much more useful if you could use hyperlinks, text formatting like bold and italics, numbering and bullets, and other rich text features. Today we're happy to announce this is now possible with the latest version of UpLink.

In UpLink, when editing a request, you'll now see several new formatting options, including the ability to change fonts, pick a background color, change font color, select text alignment, and adjust font size, indentation and alignment.

One of our favorite parts about this is the ability to insert a hyperlink, which can be very useful to direct people to an online form, or published document like a PDF you need completed.

The numbered lists can also be helpful when outlining steps to fulfill a single request, and bulleted lists are great when you want the person to provide one or more items from a larger list, like with income and address verification documents for example, where 2 documents from a list of 5 or more are required.

This is just the start to the customization we have planned for requests. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!


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