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UpLink 1.4: User Management

We've just made it so much easier to work with your team in UpLink! Now, team and corporate administrators have a self-service method of inviting new users to join their organization within UpLink.

Inviting new users

To add a new user on the team or enterprise plans, navigate to the users page and click on the "Add User" button. You'll be prompted to add the person's first and last names, job title, and email address. An email will be sent to the address you specify, and the person simply has to click the link in the email to set their password and join the organization. From there, you can add them to projects, or they can begin creating their own and issuing requests.

Welcome Email

The people you invite will get an email that looks like this in their inbox:

Once they activate their account, they will have to set a password for themselves and can begin using UpLink.

Managing Roles

With this update, we've also added new user roles. UpLink roles now include the following:

  • Member Member is the default role, and can create new projects and be added to existing projects.

  • Administrator This role allows everything the member role does, and also allows you to create new users and modify roles of existing users.

  • Owner Owners are like Administrators, except they are also able to manage billing details for the account.


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