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Client Reminders for all plans!

We are pleased to announce that reminders are now available to all UpLink plans! Before now, reminders were only available to Enterprise users.

Ad-hoc reminders

The individual (free) and team tiers now have access to 'ad-hoc' reminders, which let's you send a reminder to each assignee on a project with a tailored reminder list for them.

You can also send a reminder to a single individual or for a particular request (if there's something you need urgently). Hover over the request and click the bell icon.

Automatic reminders

In addition, the team plan now has access to automatic reminders. You can specify when your client should receive a reminder, both day(s) of the week and time of day.

You can choose to remind them only as a request comes due in addition or instead of the weekly reminders.


As always, we want to hear your feedback! Your ideas and feedback are the only way we will make UpLink truly great.


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