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October Update

This month, we added several new features in UpLink to make managing requests even better:

All Requests Page

Now you can see all requests across every project in one view:

This is really helpful if you want to view all the requests in a particular status, like "In Review", at once. You can also search across multiple projects using this view, which can be useful if you have several projects with the same client and want to find a file in another project.

Inactive Requests

One common use case during a client engagement is the need to request new information. Perhaps you discover something during the project that leads to the new request, or perhaps you know you'll need something in the future, but don't want your client to see the request just yet. That's where "inactive requests" come in. This is a new status that allows you to create a request that the client can't see until you "open" it. It works similarly to "draft" projects, and once you "open" the request, the client gets a notification.

Bulk Actions

Power users often need to edit multiple things at once. That's why we introduced bulk updates to requests and projects in UpLink. Take a look:

Now you can activate multiple projects at once, or open multiple requests at once. Other bulk actions include archiving, deleting, and exporting, depending upon the particular status of the project or request.

What's Next

In November, we're bringing an enterprise feature to the Team plan, and we have a big announcement to share. Stay tuned!


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