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November Update

We've added a lot of new features this month! Check it out!


To keep communication out of email, UpLink now supports discussions on requests. Clients can ask clarifying questions or provide additional context behind the files they upload.

Notifications are sent out with a direct link to the the request so you're always up to date. And because UpLink is mobile friendly, you can respond to your clients even when you're on the go!

Custom Attributes

UpLink now supports custom fields on requests so you can categorize requests, add priority, reference numbers, and other helpful contextual information to requests. Simply add the columns to the Excel upload template and your requests will get those attributes added automatically. You can also add, update, or remove attributes on individual requests.

These custom attributes appear in the list of requests on the engagement and can be sorted, filtered, and searched for.

Show/Hide/Reorder Columns

Now that we support custom attributes, it's important to give you the flexibility of what to show (and in what order) within the list of requests. Simply show or hide the columns you care to and the table updates automatically. You can also drag columns to arrange them in the order that makes the most sense to you. This is saved on a per engagement basis and doesn't affect how your teammates or clients see the list either.

As always, we want your feedback on the next features you'd like to see.

Shoot us a note at:


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