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Stop chasing PBCs

UpLink streamlines the process of requesting and collecting documents from your clients so you can focus on the real work done, and even stop working at a decent hour.



Create & Update via Excel

Let’s face it, you love Excel. That’s why UpLink allows you to export the PBC to Excel where you can make bulk updates, add custom columns, and even use formulas. You can then re-upload the data back into UpLink.

Automated Notifications & Reminders

Never miss a client upload with real-time notifications, and stop wasting your time crafting reminder emails. With UpLink you can send automated reminders to your clients on a custom schedule, or send ad-hoc reminders whenever you need to.

Customizable Fields to Stay Organized

Each engagement is different, and you know how things should be organized. UpLink allows you to add custom fields to your requests so you can track things the way you want to.  Use custom fields to define risk level, priority, control numbers, departments, or FSLI category. It’s up to you.

Live Preview for Quick Viewing

Preview Excel files, PDFs, and images directly within UpLink. No more downloading files just to check if the client uploaded the correct documents.

Control What the Client Sees

UpLink allows you to create requests and engagements that are not yet visible to your client. This is great for projects that haven't kicked off yet, or for follow-on sample selection requests.

Stay Connected on the Go

UpLink's modern and mobile-friendly design ensures that you can keep up with your client's needs, no matter where you are. You can easily create requests, send reminders, respond to discussions, and even review evidence all from your mobile device.

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