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Smoother Audits,
Better Margins

Give your clients and teams the tools they need to get the job done faster and without the headaches.

UpLink is modern PBC management software for forward thinking audit firms.

Increase Engagement Margin

Your teams can spend up to 30% of the entire engagement just collecting documents. UpLink automates the most time consuming part of an audit, by managing the document request workflow, including automated notifications and reminders. Real-time status tracking for each request means your staff won’t spend hours just reconciling the PBC.

Win RFPs and Improve Retention

Clients are increasingly choosing firms based on their technology because it lowers internal costs associated with an audit. Some firms have in-house tools for PBC management and others use outdated software that confuses clients and frustrates staff. UpLink is modern, mobile-friendly, and easy to use. Feature UpLink in your proposals and win more RFPs.

Stop waiting hours for the engagement team to compile the latest status of the PBC. UpLink dashboards update instantly.

You can even check the status on your mobile device as you’re headed into a client meeting

Ammunition for extra-billing

Sometimes clients wait until the absolute last minute to provide evidence. UpLink gives you the data you need to have a fact-based conversation with the client about why you’re sending an additional bill.

Spot Red Flags Early

UpLink gives you visibility into the status of requests and warning indicators where it may be time for you or the manager to step in and get more involved. For example, UpLink shows you if a request has gone back and forth more than once between your team and the client.

Your brand, not ours

UpLink puts your brand in the spotlight with fully white labeled options for integration into your client portal or website. Use your firm’s logo and brand colors to give your clients a cohesive experience.

Improve Staff Morale and Retention

The tools your staff use everyday have a significant impact on their job satisfaction and overall morale. Top performers expect (and appreciate) when firms invest in tools that allow them to be more effective and efficient.  Using better software is often a very cost effective way to retain top talent while improving margins.

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